Lets get the first misconception out of the way. Is CrossFit dangerous?

Anything done incorrectly can be dangerous. Our Foundations program allows you to learn the correct way to move. In classes you are under the watchful eye of a coach who will guide you through the class and push you outside of your comfort zone while maintaining a safe environment. CrossFit done correctly is NOT dangerous.

What exactly is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program that is based on doing a wide variety of functional movements at high intensity. The aim is to develop real fitness gains in the most efficient way. The functional movements that make up the workouts are taken from weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio.

Also, you can check out what CrossFit headquarters has to say.

What do you mean by functional movements?

These are natural multi-joint movements that are useful in everyday life.

OK - but what are some of these functional movements?

Some examples:

Gymnastics — pull-ups, pushups, dips, rope climbs, handstands, muscle-ups.

Weightlifting — deadlifts, cleans, squats, jerks, snatches.

Cardio — running, rowing, swimming, jumping.

What do you mean high intensity?

Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with the rate of return on favourable adaptation.

Simply put, intensity brings about all the good results from working out.

Remember though, intensity varies from person to person as it is relative to our physical and psychological tolerances.

Can anyone do CrossFit?

You bet they can! At the very core of CrossFit is the idea that you start working out at the most appropriate level for your fitness and ability and as time goes on and you improve your skills and strength you will start increasing the complexity and load of the workouts.

What is a typical CrossFit workout like?

Every day is different, so there is no typical workout. We don’t follow a repeating ‘program’ as the body adapts too easily to the same workout. Our programming is planned months in advance to ensure constant progression no matter your fitness level.

What is a WOD?

A WOD is the Workout Of the Day. A different workout is programmed each day and everybody who comes along to class on that day does the same workout. Nice. But of course not everyone will do EXACTLY the same workout - we can’t all be tossing 100kg barbells about the place. So in CrossFit we use scaling so that everyone can attempt the same workout.

What is scaling?

Scaling is altering the weights or the movements in a workout so that everybody - regardless of ability - can give it a go. Haven’t got a pull-up yet? Great - try ring rows or pull-ups with an elastic band for a while. A 40kg push press is, well, pushing it! No drama - let’s start with 15kg instead. Not quite ready to tackle a 24” box jump? Let’s try a lower box, or do step-ups for a while. See how scaling can work?

What do I wear and what do I bring to a CrossFit class?

Wear what you are comfortable working out in. You will want gear that gives you room to move, and lets your skin breathe. Bring along some drinking water, and maybe a small towel.

I still have more questions!

Thats great, we love questions! Come on in for a No Sweat Intro and chat to one of our coaches!