Looking for your new CrossFit gym?

As you know, every CrossFit gym is a little different and we don’t have to tell you how important it is to find the right one for your training.

So what makes Dauntless different?

  1. Programming

All of our programming is done by our Head Coach Kim Stevens. His methodology takes the traditional CrossFit components but frames them into much larger overarching training phases creating a very long term plan for athlete progression and overall fitness. This is done by getting outside the standard ‘Warmup, Strength, Skill, Metcon’ format of a class and instead dedicating sessions to specific endurance systems, technique clinics or strength programs.

He recently introduced three levels for each WOD, providing formatted scaling for different levels of athletes. This has helped our members identify weaknesses that can be worked on, as well as taking the guessing out of scaling on a daily basis. It has also provided a more consistent way to track progress and directly compare results with others even when scaling, something that is normally only possible when completing WODs at RX.

2. Community and Culture

Every CrossFit gym will say on their website ‘we have such a great community’ but that won’t stop us from saying it, because it’s true! New members are welcomed by all so it takes no time at all for Dauntless to feel like home. There are plenty of opportunities to catch up outside the gym too, with regular catch ups for breakfast after the Saturday pool WODs and offsite trips for hikes etc.

3. Coaches

We couldn’t put it better than one of our own members:

"The dedication from Kim and his team of coaches is incredible; he is truly an amazing coach and person. He is consistently motivating me and the support he gives is unbelievable and always puts me back on the right path when I stray from it. To date I have lost more than 45kgs." - Peter

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